• The fifth generation Renault Clio was revealed this week, offering more mature body styling and an entirely revamped interior. 15 million units of the Clio have been sold since it was launched in 1990 and it has become Groupe Renault’s best-selling model worldwide.

    The All-New Clio is at the forefront of Groupe Renault’s strategic plan, “Drive the Future (2017-2022)”:

    * Electric: by 2022, Groupe Renault will offer 12 electrified models in its range. The All-New Clio will be the first with its E-Tech hybrid engine based on technology developed by Renault.
    * Connected: also by 2022, the company is targeting 100 per cent connected vehicles in its key markets. The All-New Clio perfectly illustrates this momentum with its new connected multimedia system developed by the Alliance.
    * Autonomous: by 2022, Groupe Renault will market 15 models equipped with autonomous driving technology. The All-New Clio will be a pioneer in this respect by making the driver assistance systems leading to autonomous driving widely available on a city car.


  • Tesla has announced it will revise the Model S and Model X range with an updated naming structure for the US market, which is set to roll out to the UK later this year.
    Rather than focus on power input, the new naming formula will follow that of the Model 3, which instead focuses on range:
      * A lower-powered and lower-range version of both cars will be added, badged simply as the “Model S” and “Model X”
      * 100D models will now be named “Extended Range”
      * P100D models will be known as “Performance”
      * Ludicrous mode-enabled cars will be rebadged as “Performance with Ludicrous Mode”


  • Connected Kerb, a UK company, has launched its first public electric vehicle (EV) charging points that are embedded into the kerbside of roads.

    Backed by Virgin Media and National Grid, Connected Kerb will be rolling out units across London which offer charging speeds of 3-7kW – which is enough to fully charge a 40kWh battery in between six and 13 hours.

  • Volkswagen has revealed one-of-a-kind concept of a new, fully electric buggy, which is based on the American dune buggies from the 60s and 70s. The concept is based on VW’s modular electric drive matrix (MEB) and demonstrates how multifaceted their new fully electric platform can be. Like the Beetle chassis of the past, the new MEB platform can be used for more than just large-scale series production models and has the potential to facilitate the development of low-volume niche series.