• Mitsubishi announced this week it will be withdrawing from UK and European markets, with no plans to introduce any new models to the continent going forwards.

    Existing stock of current models, including the popular Outlander PHEV, will continue to be sold until they no longer meet emissions regulations. Mitsubishi has confirmed all aftersales support will continue through existing dealerships and The Colt Car Company, who handle the importing of Mitsubishi vehicles to the UK.

    The unexpected announcements comes as the company plans to reduce its fixed costs by 20% over the next two years and will instead turn its attention to the South-East Asian market, where it has a larger market share compared to Europe.



  • The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is now on sale, with prices starting from £39,130 for the entry E 200 Sport Saloon, and £41,460 for the E 200 Sport Estate.

    The E 200 features a 2.0-litre petrol engine with EQ Boost, generating 197 hp and 320 Nm. The Saloon delivers 38.7 combined mpg and emits 165 g/km of CO2 (AMG Line: 166 g/km), while the Estate delivers 37.2 mpg and emits from 174 g/km.

    Using a 3.0-litre straight-six petrol engine, the E 450 4MATIC with EQ Boost produces 367 hp and 500 Nm. On the combined cycle, the Saloon can achieve 31.4 mpg and 204 g/km.

    Both the four-cylinder and six-cylinder petrol engines come with the EQ Boost 48-volt onboard electrical system as standard.



  • The Mercedes-Benz EQV has also now gone on sale, with prices starting from £70,665 for the EQV 300 Sport, £72,895 for EQV 300 Sport Premium and £77,145 for the EQV 300 Sport Premium Plus.

    The EQV is the second Mercedes-Benz from the all-electric EQ brand. With seating for up to seven people, the EQV combines practicality with all the advantages of an electric vehicle.

    Thanks to its 90 kWh battery, the EQV’s electric motor can generate 204 hp and 364 Nm. It has a range of up to 213 miles and can be charged from 10 to 80 per cent in 45 minutes using a rapid DC charger.

  • Volta Trucks, the Scandinavian start-up full-electric vehicle manufacturer, will soon start a pilot test of its forthcoming Volta Zero with DPD, the UK’s leading parcel delivery service. The Volta Zero will be tested by DPD within London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone at the start of 2021.

    The Volta Zero is the world’s first purpose-built full-electric 16-tonne vehicle designed for inner-city freight deliveries, reducing the environmental impact of freight deliveries in city centres. Designed from the ground up with an operating pure-electric range of 95 – 125 miles, the Volta Zero will eliminate an estimated 180,000 tonnes of CO2 by 2025.

    Rob Fowler, Chief Executive Officer of Volta Trucks, says; “As the world’s first purpose-built full-electric large commercial vehicle, the Volta Zero was specifically designed to deliver parcels and freight in inner city locations where today’s air quality and noise pollution challenges are at their worst. The Volta Zero’s full-electric, zero-emission operation is perfectly suited to DPD’s distribution requirements within London’s strict Ultra Low Emission Zone, delivering parcels to Central London’s customers in a clean and efficient way.”