•  Mercedes new A-Class and B-Class will have Euro 6D/ RDE-2 compliant diesel engines when they go on sale next year.

    Diesel cars currently pay a 4% tax surcharge over petrol and have a higher VED unless they are Euro6D/RDE-2 compliant.

    Part of these new standards is having your car produce less than 80mg/km of NOx on the RDE test. The car then needs to be officially ‘certified’ as being Euro 6D. (Most cars currently on sale are Euro 6D-Temp).

    These cars are amongst the first to be announced which will be Euro6D/RDE-2 certified.
    Mercedes have also added a new diesel hybrid to their E-Class lineup with the Mercedes E de

  • Audi continues to drop engine sizes from the descriptions of their new cars, which have been replaced by a new naming scheme. Rather than show the engine size (e.g. Audi A6 0 TDI), each model is now designated a number which is dependent on the engine’s power output (e.g. Audi A6 40 TDI).

    These new names apply to all new standard Audi models (meaning non S and RS models) and will be consistent across all cars regardless of their fuel type. This allows the performance levels of all models to be directly comparable whether they are petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric.  These new model designations are:
  • 30 for models with between 81 and 96kW (107 and 127bhp)
  • 35 for models with between 110 and 120kW (145 and 159bhp)
  • 40 for models with between 125 and 150kW (165 and 198bhp)
  • 45 for models with between 169 and 185kW (223 and 244bhp)
  • 50 for models with between 210 and 230kW (278 and 304bhp)
  • 60 for models with between 320 and 340kW (423 and 449bhp)
  • 70 for models with more than 400kW (529bhp)


  • The MINI lineup has had a complete reshuffle and changes have been made to how you order one of their cars. When you now order either a ‘Hatch’/’Convertible’/’Clubman’/’Countryman’ you pick from one of three standard equipment groups called ‘Classic’/’Sport’/’Exclusive’ and then make your engine choice of either ‘One’, ‘D’ or ‘S’.

    Equipment packs can still be added on top of your order, but MINI no longer offers their ‘Chili’ packs and instead offers more straightforward packs like ‘Comfort’ and ‘Navigation’


  • Skoda are going to drop the ‘Rapid’ from their lineup and replace it with a new hatchback version called the ‘Scala’

  • VW have officially announced the ‘T-Roc, which sits below the ‘T-Cross’ in their lineup and will complete with the Nissan Juke and other little SUVs. On sale early 2019.

  • Aston Martin’s SUV has been confirmed as the ‘DBX’ and goes in sale in 2020.