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Kg CO2 per litre of petrol vehicles

Petrol produces 2.3035 kgs of CO2 per litre burnt. The precise figures depend on the quality of the fuel. Since fuel weighs less than a kilogram per litre, it is interesting to see how the weight of emissions is multiplied by the addition of oxygen. The tables below show how the official test figures for CO2 emissions and combined MPG can be equated to see how individual vehicles perform in terms of CO2 per litre. Some cars appear to do better than the standard chemistry would suggest, whereas others do worse. The official tests measure exhaust gases only and then calculate the fuel consumption. So these figures show how far off the recording of test results can be due to errors, rounding differences, and the leeway of around 4% given to manufacturers to decide on which fuel consumption figure to use.

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Top 10 CO2 per litre petrol vehicles
make model derivative WLTP CO2 (kg/l) WLTP CO2 (gpkm) Litre per 100km MPG (combined)
makeSEATmodelLeon EstatederivativeFR 1.0 TSI 110PSWLTP CO2kg/l0.18WLTP CO2gpkm128Litre per 100km70.62MPG (combined)4
makeSEATmodelLeon EstatederivativeFR 1.0 eTSI DSG-auto 110PSWLTP CO2kg/l0.44WLTP CO2gpkm129Litre per 100km29.43MPG (combined)9.6
makeRolls-RoycemodelPhantomderivative6.75 V12 AutoWLTP CO2kg/l1.75WLTP CO2gpkm341Litre per 100km19.48MPG (combined)14.5
makeAudimodelA3 Sportbackderivative40 TFSI quattro S Line 190PS S TronicWLTP CO2kg/l1.76WLTP CO2gpkm127Litre per 100km7.21MPG (combined)39.2
makeMercedes-BenzmodelE-Class EstatederivativeE 53 AMG Night Edition Premium Plus 4MATIC SPEEDSHIFT TCTWLTP CO2kg/l1.76WLTP CO2gpkm218Litre per 100km12.39MPG (combined)22.8
makeMercedes-BenzmodelE-Class SaloonderivativeE 53 AMG Night Edition Premium Plus 4MATIC+ SPEEDSHIFT TCTWLTP CO2kg/l1.77WLTP CO2gpkm215Litre per 100km12.18MPG (combined)23.2
makeCitroenmodelC4 NewderivativePureTech 130 Shine S&SWLTP CO2kg/l1.87WLTP CO2gpkm121Litre per 100km6.48MPG (combined)43.6
makeCitroenmodelC4 NewderivativePureTech 130 Shine S&S EAT8WLTP CO2kg/l1.87WLTP CO2gpkm130Litre per 100km6.96MPG (combined)40.6
makeCitroenmodelC4 NewderivativePureTech 100 Sense S&SWLTP CO2kg/l1.88WLTP CO2gpkm122Litre per 100km6.48MPG (combined)43.6
makeCitroenmodelC4 NewderivativePureTech 130 Sense Plus S&S EAT8WLTP CO2kg/l1.88WLTP CO2gpkm131Litre per 100km6.96MPG (combined)40.6
Bottom 10 CO2 per litre petrol vehicles
make model derivative WLTP CO2 (kg/l) WLTP CO2 (gpkm) Litre per 100km MPG (combined)
makePeugeotmodel2008 SUVderivative1.2L PureTech GT Premium 155 EAT8 S&SWLTP CO2kg/l3.26WLTP CO2gpkm140Litre per 100km4.3MPG (combined)65.7
makeFordmodelTransit Connect Double Cab-in-Vanderivative1.0 Fox 230 L1 Trend 100PSWLTP CO2kg/l3.06WLTP CO2gpkm159Litre per 100km5.2MPG (combined)54.3
makeFordmodelTransit Connect Double Cab-in-Vanderivative1.0 Fox 230 L1 Leader 100PSWLTP CO2kg/l3WLTP CO2gpkm159Litre per 100km5.3MPG (combined)53.3
makeJeepmodelCompassderivative1.4 MultiAir II 170hp S 4x4 Auto OldWLTP CO2kg/l3WLTP CO2gpkm210Litre per 100km6.99MPG (combined)40.4
makeLand RovermodelDefender 90derivative5.0 P525 V8 AWD AutoWLTP CO2kg/l2.99WLTP CO2gpkm330Litre per 100km11.03MPG (combined)25.6
makeLand RovermodelDefender 110derivative5.0 P525 V8 AWD AutoWLTP CO2kg/l2.98WLTP CO2gpkm334Litre per 100km11.21MPG (combined)25.2
makeFordmodelFiesta 5 Doorderivative1.0T EcoBoost ST-Line X Edition 125PS AutoWLTP CO2kg/l2.63WLTP CO2gpkm126Litre per 100km4.8MPG (combined)58.9
makeVolkswagenmodelTiguanderivative2.0 TSI Elegance 190PS 4MOTION DSGWLTP CO2kg/l2.6WLTP CO2gpkm192Litre per 100km7.39MPG (combined)38.2
makeFordmodelFiesta Active 5 Doorderivative1.0T EcoBoost Mild Hybrid Active Edition 125PS AutoWLTP CO2kg/l2.59WLTP CO2gpkm124Litre per 100km4.8MPG (combined)58.9
makeAlpinamodelB3 Saloonderivative3.0 B3 BiTurbo 462hp Sport-AutoWLTP CO2kg/l2.57WLTP CO2gpkm252Litre per 100km9.81MPG (combined)28.8


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